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It never rains, but it pours

“It never rains, but it pours.” One of my favorite sayings. Used to apply it when we all lived in Zurich. We’d go for weeks at a time with no social life, no visitors, no good weather for family outings. … Continue reading

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Comparison shopping for stocks

This morning, IFO was listening to one of those weekend investment advisory radio programs. She was surprised to find herself agreeing with most of what they said. Many programs she’s heard have simply advised paying a financial advisor and/or buying … Continue reading

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Road map for investing – five routes to take

 This blog has nothing to do with babies, British royals, siblings or other newsy topics. But IFO just simply COULD NOT RESIST posting this darling picture of. as someone called them, “Their Royal Cutenesses.” So, here it is. You know … Continue reading

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Picking companies to invest in

Years ago, a friend of a friend told the story of his older sister, who, with all of her siblings, was getting a lesson in investing from Dad. Sis was 16 – the age of highest friction between daughters and dads. … Continue reading

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Dividends – pluses and minuses

For an income investor, stocks are all about the dividends. Early in your investing career you can re-invest your dividends. Later, you can live off of the dividends without ever touching the principal. IFO does not recommend automatic dividend reinvestment, the … Continue reading

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Review of IFO’s Model Portfolio

On Jan. 2, 2012, we began to look at what we called our Model Portfolio. This was an attempt to see what could happen with a RANDOM selection of stocks and pretend to invest a total of $5,000 in shares … Continue reading

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Hello, again, dear readers, IFO is back

It’s been nine months since IFO (this means me, your faithful blogger) last posted. No, she (this means me, too. It is a literary affectation to refer to oneself as “we,” but I like it) isn’t preggers. She just needed … Continue reading

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What kind of investor are you? Part II

Okay, yesterday we discussed five kinds of difficult clients. If you view yourself as your own client, which type(s) are you – Fixed on Past; Scared; Resistant to Change; Over-reactor; or Attached to Cash? Now, what do you, the financial … Continue reading

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Starting over, Part 3

Random notes for beginning investors: 1. In a recession like this one, every asset price falls. In what is now called The Great Recession, prices in all asset classes declined. Yep, gold, too. Real estate was the primary ’cause’ of … Continue reading

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Re-balancing – ugh!

One of the buzz words in investment advisers’ world IFO tires of hearing is “re-balancing.” And to return to an old rant, IFO also doesn’t like the idea that you should invest in mutual funds because they are run by … Continue reading

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