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Was the Brexit vote a good thing for the UK and the world?

Answer: Yes. It was a good thing! In our last post, we said we’d discuss this question. World money managers have already realized that the Brexit vote may actually be GOOD for them, for Great Britain, for the EU (more … Continue reading

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Tea Party still thriving, says co-founder of Tea Party Patriots

Yesterday we talked to someone who wanted to know whether the Tea Party was still alive. He thought it wasn’t, because he wasn’t seeing any public activity. We assured him it was alive and well, but we don’t take well … Continue reading

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SWI and MPI reports

It’s hard to be an optimist in the current investment climate – which is decidedly cooling. The SWI isn’t too bad – the $50 watch is now worth $63.55, down from its highs of a week or so ago. Part … Continue reading

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Investment approaches to strive for

Pollyanna – No My Pollyanna approach to life has gotten me into trouble more times than I care to remember. Here’s a harsher definition definition that is closer to my meaning. Comes now a wise analyst (oxymoron, I know, but … Continue reading

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