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What leader does Donald Trump remind you of?

A few days ago a friend read a newspaper editorial to me arguing that Donald Trump was a classic case of a person with an inferiority complex. It compared him, unfavorably, to Obama. That made no sense at all. But … Continue reading

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Another one of those “too close to call” elections

 The winner! Lars Loekke Rasmussen, who led the winning centre-right bloc,  Photograph: Nils Meilvang/EPA  While we in the U.S. are busy with public tragedies (shootings) and comedies (presidential candidates), there’s been another national election in Europe! The recent election in Denmark carries more … Continue reading

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Greek elections – a lesson for us all

We’re getting early election returns from Greece via NZZ – Neue Zurcher Zeitung. They say that Nachwahlbefragungen (after-vote -questionings) which they translate as “Exit Polls,” show a 30-30 split between the not-Left party and the Left-party. We’re not familiar with … Continue reading

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Walker bounce – voters and taxpayers win in Wisconsin

Commentators are getting it wrong – again. Financial pundits are saying that this morning’s big jump in the stock market is due to some European action. We don’t think so. We think the American market has been hit by a … Continue reading

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