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Do you hear the people sing?

Laura Ingraham played this song to open her talk show today, following  Donald Trump’s great victory in New Hampshire. I defy you to read and listen without weeping. I do recommend that all political warriors watch the entire production. you … Continue reading

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What leader does Donald Trump remind you of?

A few days ago a friend read a newspaper editorial to me arguing that Donald Trump was a classic case of a person with an inferiority complex. It compared him, unfavorably, to Obama. That made no sense at all. But … Continue reading

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Media must know history to report properly

One of the outstanding qualities of Rush Limbaugh is that he not only remembers history accurately, he also generously shares that knowledge with his listeners. The brouhaha today about Donald Trump‘s withdrawal from a coming candidate debate illustrates this quality … Continue reading

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Get your tin hats out – Mr. Market is freaking out

By the time this post is finished, the Dow may have recovered from its current spot in the basement at DOWN 435!!! Or not. Before we enter tin hat territory, some advice: 1. Don’t buy any stock. 2. Don’t sell … Continue reading

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Dice are rolling …

The above clip may seem overly dramatic for today’s post, but I’m picking up vibes from all over. This is not a usual time. “Dice are rolling. Knives are out.” That was how Peron saw things in Argentina as Andrew … Continue reading

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Rich people like to work and it pays off!

This may seem a truism to some, but we’ve been noticing specific examples lately that show that rich people like to work. They enjoy it. They revel in it. Everybody from our neighbors across the street in the big house … Continue reading

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More politics – we just can’t help ourselves

On The Conservative Treehouse, we readers are being treated to a superb analysis by the key poster known as SD, for Sundance, of how the Republican Establishment has made plans to win the 2016 Presidential nomination for Jeb Bush. Too bad Donald … Continue reading

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Still in a good mood – let’s talk politics

First, note that the Heroes in France story is still active. Choked up fathers marveling at the brave deeds of their sons, proud mothers who knew all along that their sons are heroes, public figures trying to get in on … Continue reading

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We’re back! And so is the falling DJI – what to do?

We had to take off a couple of days for a family event, but we’re back now. Just in time for another sickening plunge in the market. What the heck is going on? We take our eye off the ball … Continue reading

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US political process – how it works

Civics is a lost academic discipline. Back in the day, high school kids had history, geography and civics classes. Then, social studies came in – supposedly a new name for the same lessons. Gradually civics and geography got pushed to the edges and SocSt classes … Continue reading

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