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Hold your fire, boys (and girls)!

Yes, it is a good idea to buy on a dip in the stock market. But how do you know when the market has reached its low? Well, you don’t, of course. Tip: when it starts back up, give it … Continue reading

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Looking anew at ETFs and mutual funds

The summer newsletter issue of a brokerage IFO reads had an interesting article on ETFs and mutual funds. The most interesting part was the notion that buying one or more of these financial instruments is a substitute for buying individual … Continue reading

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New investment tip – try online/print newsletters for ideas

While reviewing her portfolio, IFO just remembered what a good resource the Motley Fools have been. We can’t believe it’s not on our blog roll… yet. This blog, Investing for One, is more of a cheer-leading, advice-giving, fear-reducing effort aimed … Continue reading

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