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Wisconsin whimsy – Aug. 9 Independence Day

Paul Nehlen is running a fantastic race. Best wishes! Here’s his little campaign tchotchke! Advertisements

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The problem in Washington DC

Just got off the phone after ranting to the poor phone answerer in U.S. Repr. Greg Walden’s office in Wash DC. I had two complaints: 1. Couldn’t send the email I wrote in response to the representative’s recent email newsletter. … Continue reading

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Market moves, and other observations

The markets are still volatile. After speculating about “who” might be making this happen and coming up with a few “theys” who might be responsible, I’ve been mulling this question some more. And… found another “they.” This is a good … Continue reading

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This isn’t funny – Iran visits France on Holocaust Memorial Day

“Why is France commemorating the Holocaust with Iran’s president?” asked an editorial on Fox News on July 26, 2016. Written by Simone Rodan-Benzaquen, director of the American Jewish Committee’s Paris-based Europe Office and Marceline Loridan-Ivens, a survivor of Auschwitz, who bears the number … Continue reading

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Portugal gets a new President: Trump lite?

Very interesting trends in Europe – press not paying attention. Probably that’s for the best. This man, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa appears to be right for Portugal right now. Note: he say’s he is a man of the Right, but … Continue reading

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Why do the Congressional Republicans cave?

The last minute passage of the One Trillion Dollar Omnibus Budget bill shocked conservatives everywhere. The blogosphere has been abuzz with condemnations and outrage. Charges of treason, etc. abound, but we think something else is afoot. There have been hints … Continue reading

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Unsung hero dies – RIP Ron DeShon

One month ago today, on Dec. 4, 2015, Ron DeShon, a man who had a huge presence in the Klamath Basin area during the crisis that broke out in the spring and summer of 2001, died of cancer at the age … Continue reading

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Forget resolutions! Set goals!

Here’s my take on New Year’s Resolutions. They are a look back. What did it do wrong last year? What have I been doing wrong my whole life? Well, no more! This year I will _____, or will not _____fill … Continue reading

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What do you do when …

What do you do when disaster strikes? Not directly, but from afar. Tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, Islamic Terrorist attacks? Here’s IFO’s response to a question from her spiritual advisor: My first response to a horrible event is to try to get … Continue reading

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Travel insurance – good or bad idea?

Before launching into our topic for today, we’d like to welcome our new readers. It seems that WordPress has a new system for showing their bloggers other blogs that relate to their own. Since IFO is so eclectic in her … Continue reading

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