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Was the Brexit vote a good thing for the UK and the world?

Answer: Yes. It was a good thing! In our last post, we said we’d discuss this question. World money managers have already realized that the Brexit vote may actually be GOOD for them, for Great Britain, for the EU (more … Continue reading

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Brexit vote and the market – what to do?

We rarely apologize, but in this case it is necessary. We knew immediately, the minute we heard about the British pound crashing and stock markets all over the world crashing just because the British voted decisively to leave the European … Continue reading

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South Carolina Republican Primary election

From Scott Adams’ blog via The Conservative Treehouse.

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Do you hear the people sing?

Laura Ingraham played this song to open her talk show today, following  Donald Trump’s great victory in New Hampshire. I defy you to read and listen without weeping. I do recommend that all political warriors watch the entire production. you … Continue reading

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Vacations are good

After a quick, staycation plus a couple of days at the coast, we’re back at the wheelhouse here. What a fun time it has been! While the roller coasters have been exciting, the stock market and the political scene have … Continue reading

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What leader does Donald Trump remind you of?

A few days ago a friend read a newspaper editorial to me arguing that Donald Trump was a classic case of a person with an inferiority complex. It compared him, unfavorably, to Obama. That made no sense at all. But … Continue reading

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Uh oh, ESA may be in trouble

Researchers at Michigan State University report the startling and surprising news that “a new species of bird has been discovered in India and China.” It is the delightfully and poetically named Himalayan forest thrush. But, but, but the Endangered Species Act … Continue reading

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Media must know history to report properly

One of the outstanding qualities of Rush Limbaugh is that he not only remembers history accurately, he also generously shares that knowledge with his listeners. The brouhaha today about Donald Trump‘s withdrawal from a coming candidate debate illustrates this quality … Continue reading

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Day Four: US Govt Shutdown continues

Public transportation, government office buildings, schools, highways, every “public” service, read: government service, has been shut down in much of the Northeastern U.S. Where is the outrage?  Where is the panic, fear, anger, discomfort, yea, even the snark? Does this mean … Continue reading

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O.M.G. Federal govt has been shut down! Those darn Repub…Oh, wait

Yes, we’re all still standing. Some 1/4 of the population of the U.S. is being blanketed by a huge snowstorm and much cold. SNOWMAGEDDON!!! Excited newscasters gave the impression that the storm would concentrate on Washington DC. Hence, the government … Continue reading

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