This blog began on Sept. 1, 2010. Jo has put up 817+ posts. Now she is changing direction and will be writing about travel and food, or as she likes to say, Reise u. Speise. This is the reward for paying attention and learning those valuable investing lessons she’s been learning herself and telling you about for the past two years!

Here is her quick CV: Jo is a full-time, freelance business reporter who has covered high-tech, venture funded businesses for localbusiness.com, and written for Small Times, The Oregonian, AdAge, Credit Union News, Pacific Fishing, Sanitary Maintenance, and other general interest newspapers and trade magazines. Current clients are the Capital Press, a weekly that circulates in five-states and The Sun, a local weekly, where she covers retail businesses, communications, home building, wood products and the timber industry.

Previously, she blogged here about lessons learned as in individual investor, personal wealth manager and business reporter. Her theory on personal investing: Do It Yourself! valuable investing lessons come from work, reading, gardening and family life.

Now, she’s moved on to Reise u. Speise!


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  1. Julie Quan says:

    My son is very business minded. He began to think of ways to start his own business when he was 3! He was riding in his little car seat and we passed a construction site when inspiration struck him. We had given him real tools and tool bag for Christmas (small version but the real thing). He told me he was going to go into the construction business. I didn’t want to rain on his parade or strike him down instantly so I just said ok and in a little while mentioned that some of the work was pretty heavy and big. He thought about it and came back with, “Mom, I might not be big enough to actually do construction after all. I think I will just rent my tools to someone who wants to do construction but doesn’t have the tools”. Well, I thought that was excellent thought process for a 3 yr old even if he didn’t realize that there is not a market for renting hammers and screwdrivers. 😉
    Now, he is nine and wants to understand all about the stock market and economics and business, etc. I have him watching you tube about the stock market, history and how to as well as econ videos. He is interested and absorbing everything.
    Since this is a specialty that you focused on for so long, do you have any recommended series on you tube or books to purchase for him? Esp. if geared toward children but ok if just geared toward adults who aren’t professional investors/economists.
    I will look through your past posts and share them with my son in the mean time.
    Thank you for your time.
    Trump 2016! saw you post in the treehouse. 🙂

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