What leader does Donald Trump remind you of?

Another parallel: Moses and Trump got big crowds at their events!

A few days ago a friend read a newspaper editorial to me arguing that Donald Trump was a classic case of a person with an inferiority complex. It compared him, unfavorably, to Obama.

That made no sense at all. But it was funny, so there’s that.

The argument appeared to be that if someone appears to be self-confident, he is hiding an inferiority complex. So, um, does that mean that a timid, meek person actually has a superiority complex?

But this nonsense did cause me to think about leadership and Trump. To my great surprise, the name that popped up in my mind was … Moses! Yes, THAT Moses. Moshe Rabbeinu. BTW, the link provided is a bit iffy. I suggest reading Exodus, et seq.

Before you go away shaking your head, consider these parallels and possibilities:

  1. Moses had some failures and issues as a young man. He killed a guy who was mistreating a Hebrew slave. Moses had to get out of Dodge in a hurry.
  2. Trump had some companies that went bankrupt. He had to revamp his approaches to real estate deals in a hurry.
  3. Moses’ life style, as a man who had grown up in Pharoah’s court, was quite different from his fellow Hebrews. A life of ease and luxury, no doubt.
  4. Trump’s life style has been, to say the least, very different from about 99.9% of the American population. No ease, since Trump is famously hardworking, but certainly luxurious.
  5. Moses’ first difficult job was to confront Pharoah and win.
  6. Trump’s first job as a presidential candidate was to confront the Republican and Media Establishments and win.
  7. Moses then had to convince the Hebrews to get out of Dodge, i.e., leave Egypt and slavery for a life of independence and free will.
  8. Trump has to convince most Americans to vote for him in order to gain a life of independence and free will.
  9. And for a bit of Gematria: both men have five letters in their names, though the consonants in Hebrew MSS for Moses and TRMP for Trump, sum to quite different amounts. Moses = 640, while Trump = 1440. I have no idea what that may or may not mean, just thought you would be interested.

Here is when it gets interesting. Let’s say Mr. Trump becomes the President. For a possible look back into the future, note what Moses had to go through.\

  1. The were really happy when they got out, but almost from the very beginning, the Hebrews complained and whined. Often during their 40 years in the desert, they said they would be better off back in Egypt! “At least we’d have food!”
  2. Moses, and G-d, too, nearly lost patience with them more than once, but always relented. The Hebrews were their children, after all!
  3. The Hebrews had a terrible time learning how to be free. Eventually Moses told them that not a single person who had lived in Egypt would not enter the Promised Land. Only their children would be allowed to enter.
  4. They also had a hard time obeying the 10 Simple Rules (Commandments) Moses and G-d wrote for them, including having only on god and observing the Sabbath. One time they went so far as to collect gold from themselves and make a Golden Calf! Boy, were their leaders mad! Many of the idolators came to a very sad end.

Well, what do you think?

N.B. Obama’s name, with a weak two consonants, only sums to 42 – a famous number to Douglas Adams fans, but otherwise meaningless.


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