Day Four: US Govt Shutdown continues

This plane can’t take off!

Public transportation, government office buildings, schools, highways, every “public” service, read: government service, has been shut down in much of the Northeastern U.S.

Where is the outrage?  Where is the panic, fear, anger, discomfort, yea, even the snark?

Does this mean most government operations are unnecessary? Or does it mean that many services viewed as needing coercion to pay for them, actually would be paid for willingly BY THE USERS?

IOW, most services I listed above could easily be freed from government rules, regulations and monetary subsidies (paid for by taxation, rather than by users and supporters), and become private companies, paying, not receiving taxes, or private foundations.

One of several possible ways: freewill contributions via local support organization. Our local tax-supported library has a private non-profit foundation attached to it.  The group is set up to receive contributions via bequests, individual contributions, money from fundraising efforts. Members coordinate with librarians to determine what service or product is needed. Bookshelves, remodel, and so on.

And, note, the library is a Carnegie library, set up via a program established by mega-rich steel magnate Andrew Carnegie. He wanted towns to build free libraries. Bill Gates has similar philanthropic tendencies.

You are aware, I hope, that there are private water companies? Artesian Resources Corporation (ARTNA); California Water Service Group (CWT); Pure Cycle Corporation (PCYO); Aqua America Inc (WTR) and The York Water Company (YORW).

York Water Company was founded in 1816!

There are also private trash haulers, electricity producers, bus companies, railroad companies (though admittedly, railroads have traditionally hated human passengers and preferred freight). All of these have been or are tax-supported entities.

Volunteer fire departments are a treasured American tradition, though a modern trend is toward governmentizing those services. There is no reason for this. People do not need to be FORCED to pay for fire protection. Believe me.

ALL schools were private or parochial (Lutheran, Episcopalian, Baptists, Catholic, etc.) until about 100 years ago. No tax support. Some local districts did ask voters for property tax support just to build a new schoolhouse. All other funds came from the parents. At many private schools, poor parents are not required to pay tuition.

This is why we aren’t having a panic as the DC government and numerous school districts have remained shut down.

Lesson for today: see how many private services you know about that some people believe should be governmental agencies! You may be surprised.



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