Good gardening = good food

Today's DinnerDidn’t IFO tell you not to worry? We hope you listened. The market roller coaster is continuing, but we got a bit woozy and have stepped off for a bit. These last days of summer are too precious to waste on watching stock prices go up and down for no apparent reason.

So, today, we’re going to talk about food. We haven’t whined too publicly about what a hard time we are having with our garden. Above is a picture of one day’s harvest.
It is also one dinner.

Production has been just dreadful. Funnily enough, that’s not as bad as we thought, since harvesting has been very low key. So, we took a picture of everything we had picked yesterday. For scale, figured the tomato is about 2.5″ in diameter.

Main ingredients are above, we also chopped a large clove of garlic and used about 3 T of EVOO, plus salt. We toasted the tomato over the flame to remove the very tough skin, then used have in the eggplant dish and half in the green bean dish. We sliced the onions and used half in each dish. We salted everything liberally and added a touch of rice vinegar to the green beans.

Next we tore up lots of lettuce and put it in the very same bowl you see above. Thinking that green beans and eggplant would not go well together at all, we dumped the eggplant stew over the greens first, ate them, then poured the green beans over the remainder.

This made a lovely, healthful, low calorie yet filling dinner. The garden is just about done, although we have high hopes for the next couple of days, when rain is forecast. Also, we finally got around to putting vegetable fertilizer on everything.

Our last batch of fertilizer did seem to produce some enthusiasm among the tomatoes and beans, so we shall see. Also there was some rain a couple of weeks ago that produced some excitement.

All of the herbs are doing quite well, but there was real dirt in the area where we planted them. The lavender has gone nuts. We’re harvesting that gradually. And in fact the calm induced by gardening, watering, fertilizing, harvesting, then preparing and eating is just what we needed for this otherwise hectic time.

It’s obvious what we learn from this: relax! It’s amazing what a little olive oil and garlic can do for vegetables!


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