Still in a good mood – let’s talk politics

First, note that the Heroes in France story is still active. Choked up fathers marveling at the brave deeds of their sons, proud mothers who knew all along that their sons are heroes, public figures trying to get in on the glory: Hollande & Obama. Great fun.

But even more so are the political pundits trying to make sense of current crowd pleasers – Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. We read an interesting analysis saying both guys had populist appeals and were against the Washington political elites, and that’s why they were getting big audiences. Whatever.

Of course, the Washington political elites are currently scared spitless. Hyar-hyar-hyar. We find it all fascinating. Wonder who the Libertarian candidate will be?

Comments by readers are even more fun, since they don’t aim to impress anybody with their highly intellectual abilities, but were just making fly-by observations.

Some commenters sound like trolls or whatever the current term is for staffers from other campaigns. They write: “Trump is really a Democrat!” Or, better yet and trying to sound like what they think conservatives sound like, “Trump is a DemonRat!” So witty.

Our favorite comment by far was the guy who called Donald Trump a honey badger! That’s a keeper!

Since IFO likes to maintain a highly intellectual tone on her blog, she won’t post a link to the original honey badger video narrated by Randall that got 75 million views!

Here’s her high-toned contribution, which has achieved a magnificent 75,000 views!


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