We’re in a good mood! Heroes and heroines.


As the story unfolds about the three brave Americans, (photo above from NYTimes) including two servicemen, one of whom was from Roseburg, Oregon, yay! our sour mood from the stock market downturn has simply evaporated.

The news first broke Friday afternoon while Mark Levin was on the radio. It put him in a good mood, too.

Just a side note here: watch how the story changes – details, names, events, sounds. From Friday until today, everything except the essential facts has changed. This is the nature of fast-breaking news stories. Often the first stuff out is the most accurate, but not always. Beware, but enjoy.

This is not the first time that this kind of thing has happened – usually we hear about the Americans, but wouldn’t be surprised to read about British, Swiss, Central Europeans and others from the north performed similar heroic deeds.

Heroism is in the nature of Northern Europeans. Maybe the myths and sagas, Beowulf, for example, are ingrained in our DNA. Of course, other humans are brave and perform wonderful deeds of life-saving.

But heroes in other cultures are a different breed from ours. Ours have the back-story of going above and beyond ordinary behavior to save an individual or group from an evil-doer. These are mainly men.

In other cultures, like the early Greeks for example, heroes were bossed around by feminine gods and goddesses, and really their fates were sealed at birth. No individual initiative.

Women’s myths involve stealth bravery – who was the woman in the Bible who sneaked into a enemy general’s tent and drove a stake through his head? Ruth just stuck with her mother-in-law. Eve disobeyed G-d, listened to a snake, and she and Adam got kicked out of Eden.

Not sure about Deborah, a judge who led an Israelite army to defeat some enemy, just to show her general how to do it. Great leadership, but not what we would call heroic.

German girls just suffered and did housework until a Prince saved them. And what was so great about Thelma and Louise? They just went on a fishing trip, killed somebody and drove off a cliff. Heroic?

The kids sang in one of the early Mad Max movies, “We don’t need another hero!” but they were wrong. Heroes are great, make us feel good and provide great examples for boys.


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