Happy Aug. 1!! Swiss Independence Day


Appenzell celebration
We took this picture last year during the Appenzeller Landsg’mend – direct democracy, during the single day of the year when all eligible citizens of the Canton elect government officials and vote on the budget.

One of our favorite holidays is today. Celebrated with parties all over the world, where the wandering Swiss land – business people, travelers and vacationers, and ex-pats party down for a day, remembering their origins. According to Swissworld.org

August 1st is to the Swiss what July 4th is to Americans, or July 14th to the French. Swiss national day is only just over a century old, and it was only in 1993 that the hardworking Swiss agreed that they could all take the day off, but the event it commemorates took place 700 years ago, and at the heart of the celebrations is a custom which doubtless goes back into the mists of time.


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