Non-taxable assets – memories

Ice Cream Stand in GreeceOne of the best things about traveling is that you get to keep the memories forever, thus amortizing the cost of the trip over many years. If you keep a diary and take pix, you increase the value of those assets as well, since you can keep those memories fresh and accessible.

A friend took the picture on the left of the ice cream stand. IFO then cropped herself out of it to show the beautiful fruits that were going into the ices.

Obvious, we know, but it’s amazing how we forget these obvious truths unless somehow reminded. In IFO’s case, the trigger was the current summer heat and we remembered our trip to Turkey and Greece last year.
Greek Ice Cream Stand

The food was inspiring! Even eggplant became enjoyable, though growing her own a couple of years ago showed her just how good FRESH eggplant, lightly seasoned and broiled, can be.

Mediterranean VeggiesEggplant is a funny vegetable – it’s kind of like tofu. It takes on the characteristics the chef introduces. Those ingredients are primarily from the Mediterranean, from Italy to Morocco.

Key ingredients for any dish involving eggplant are EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), fresh garlic, S&P. After that, go crazy, as IFO did for the following dish:
Mediterranean Veggies

Ingredients: one medium-size, fresh eggplant (no wrinkled skin); one large beefsteak tomato, medium size yellow onion, fresh chopped garlic, chopped fresh Italian parsley, crumbled Greek feta cheese; salt, lemon pepper, Italian seasoning. lots of EVOO, a bit of vinaigrette.

Directions: Slice eggplant into eight 1/2-inch wheels, salt on both sides and let rest for 15 min per side on a paper towel. This is the Mediterranean way – take your time. Relax. Maybe sip a little wine? For this dish, I would actually drink a dry red wine, but YMMV.

While the eggplant is releasing excess water, slice tomato and onion, also into eight rounds. When eggplant is ready, start with about 1/3 c EVOO in heavy skillet over medium-high heat. Season eggplant slices, sauté about 6-8 minutes on both sides. You probably will need to add EVOO as you go.

Place eggplant slices into serving dish and return to the skillet. Saute the tomato rounds, after seasoning, esp. w/the Italian herb seasoning, also on both sides, but only about 3-4 minutes per side. You probably won’t need any more EVOO.

Remove from skillet and place one on top of each eggplant slice. Do the same with the onions. Watch the onions carefully, they have a tendency to burn. Sprinkle chopped garlic and parsley over all, then the feta crumbles. Pour a bit of vinaigrette, and salt and pepper over all.

Serve cold or at room temperature, with fresh baked whole wheat bread or rolls.


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