IFO rarely (okay, never) comments on national political matters. Such commentary is outside the brief she pursues. But the shooting in Charleston, SC, has been a touching and strangely hopeful event.

If, as has been speculated in some reports, the killer hoped to ignite a civil war in the U.S., his horrendous act has backfired hugely.

The huge, immediate, instinctive national outpouring of prayers and love for the victims and their families has been amazing. The public officials from police to elected officials cooperated and worked intensively to capture the criminal who killed the people in the historic Emanuel AME Church in Charleston.

Gov. Nikki Haley’s public statement was comforting and loving beyond words.

But now, from the depths of their pain come the words addressed by the victims’ family members to the killer who has confessed. Please listen to the heart-breaking video attached to the link below, recorded in the courtroom as they spoke to him:


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