Tribute to his wife

Tribute to a Lady

Tribute to a Lady

This tower was built by the spouse of a bottle collector after she died.

The spouse and his family were talented, smart and hard-working. There were two brothers – an electrician and a plumber. They, too, collected and also built odd and beautiful structures, as well as two identical houses side by side. IFO now lives in one of the houses.

Not only talent, these brothers had a wicked sense of whimsy. Below, we are posting some pictures from their artistic endeavors, which they built some 60 or 70 years ago.

This is art of the highest order, in our opinion – made mostly from found objects, they assembled the structures with a double purpose – to entertain themselves and to entertain others.

Their grand-daughter is now responsible for  the property remaining in the family. Her big problem? She can’t figure out what to do with all of the items out there. Take a look…

Back Yard Mining CarsWellJust a few of the mining cars the brother or brothers, we’re not sure of this detail, installed on actual rails in the back yard. The six multi-colored cars are red, blue, green and yellow. Very cheerful.




Same back yard, different end – steps just lead to a raised stone platform, the well may have been an actual water well at one time, and the wheelbarrow isn’t used any more, but must have been so helpful all those years ago.

The fence between IFO’s back yard and this yard supports blackberry and grape vines. Two old, unpruned apple trees cast shade most of the year. Except for the bottle of bottles, which didn’t become visible until a huge hedge was cut back by the grand-daughter, this art was invisible from the street. It’s like having a secret playground, unusable, but beautiful.

What do we learn from this? Hidden treasures abound in everyday life and unexpected corners. Look for them and when you find them… savor.


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