Taking over, not as easy as it looks

From time to time, people get all upset that some nefarious group, often headed by a shadowy figure, may be plotting to take over the world and kill everybody in it, except for a favored few.

Corporations plot to take over

Some people believe this has happened already. Just check out the blogs and FB posts.

It’s the multi-national corporations! Those who fear this don’t seem to realize that these corporations need… customers. Preferably living customers. Could one evil genius acquire this power, with no concern about boring old dead customers? Not for long.

If most customers are dead, the corporations become itty-bitty companies controlling … pretty much nothing. So why would any corporation want to sell war materials? One or two, maybe, (strictly for defense, of course) but the others, equally powerful and with far more employees, suppliers, shareholders and customers, wouldn’t like that.

If you would like more details on this, check out the denizons of the TriLateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Davos Economic Summit participants. Be sure to wear your tinfoil hat.

Religious groups at it again

Several decades ago a religious wave swept through swaths of people, mostly young, seekers who had been to many churches and temples and come away unsatisfied.

There was the Rajneeshi in Oregon, Jim Jones in California, some Korean monk, and others already forgotten. People got all riled up, some died, then the movements died, too. See how that works?

The Korean guy funded a newspaper startup. The paper is still publishing, nobody has died, and the paper is a valuable contribution to the world of communications. Now another suspicious newspaper is publishing, only online, so far. IFO isn’t sure she likes it, but she doesn’t think anyone connected with it wants to take over the world.

Any endeavor which does not identify itself and its source of income should be viewed with suspicion. See what you think by following this link.

Next up for world domination…

Education – the latest incarnation of fear of religious schools takes new turn

Back in the 1920s, Oregon was the scene and source of a key legal battle regarding religion and education. Such battles were being fought throughout the U.S., but Oregon provides a good synopsis of the situation fostered by Populists and Progressives, who played on the xenophobia of the post WW I era to accomplish their statist goals.

A key court case, Sisters of the H0ly Names, et al., challenged Oregonians who had voted to control/abolish Roman Catholic schools. This was part “of a national campaign for compulsory public elementary education, [that] was animated by anti-Catholicism.” See page 2 in the link provided.

The State of Oregon’s lawyers even argued that “Oregonian students [were] ‘the State’s children.'” Now, who is trying to take over the world? But we digress.

And comes now the next big villain, the ROP, Religion of Peace, Islam!

The Gulen Charter Schools have raised the ire and fears of secularist, statist public education supporters, who oppose any attempt to reform America’s public schools by loosening the hold of the teacher’s unions.

The link above is sponsored by a shadowy group calling itself “Citizens Against Special Interest Lobbying in Public Schools” or CASILIPS. The “group”  investigates “the use (and abuse) of the public school system to advance the agendas of business, political and religious special interest groups.”

CASILIPS’ website doesn’t say who the “citizens” are, who the leaders or founders are, or where financial support (or as they would say, “financial gain”)  comes from. IFO doesn’t like anonymous groups or websites.  Also, the website had several fiercely critical critiques of education studies WITH NO AUTHOR(S) credited!

The Atlantic has an extensive hit piece out on the system. From the lead paragraph:

The system is led by a “charismatic Sunni imam Fethullah Gülen, leader of a politically powerful Turkish religious movement likened by The Guardian to an “Islamic Opus Dei,” occasionally webcasts sermons from self-imposed exile in the Poconos while his organization quickly grows to head the largest chain of charter schools in America…”

Note the inflammatory language: charismatic, Sunni imam, politically powerful, Turkish, religious, self-imposed exile,… They didn’t explain what “Opus Dei” is, but IFO has heard of it. It is a politically powerful religious movement, started in Spain in the 1920s to encourage people to live a more spiritual life. There is much fear and opposition to this group as well.

It seems the forces of secularism and spiritualism have been battling for many years, decades, centuries. But neither side has ever managed to take over the world (for long) (or yet).

{{{puts tinfoil hat back in refrigerator again}}} What? Well, where do you keep YOUR tinfoil hat?

P.S. IFO spent the past two hours trying to find out who CASILIPS is. Couldn’t. Did find one website, LISA Academy Truth, purporting to identify them. It said they are “a ghost organization,” which fits IFO’s opinion. HOWEVER, that website didn’t say who they were! So, it’s ghost versus ghost! Bwahahaha!

Back to the fridge!


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