Ferguson on our mind

Who can avoid the news coming out of Ferguson, MO? This is just the culmination of an amazing 10 days or so of war, riots, celebrity deaths – a regular emotional roller coaster.

But Ferguson has been the most evocative for IFO. Here are some memories and further thoughts:

1. What that city of 20+ thousand people needed was more Korean shop owners – remember the LA riots? the London riots? These business people protected their businesses with visible displays of rifles and other long guns.

2. How long it goes on depends on how tough the authorities get. As I recall when we lived through it in 1970 – the police and national guard shootings of college students at Kent State (May 4) and Jackson State (May 15) had a severely dampening effect on the enthusiasm of other college students for demonstrating.

At Michigan State, where we lived ONE BLOCK from the university during that whole time (1967-1972), on May 12, 1970 there was a wall of cops with 4-ft long night sticks standing shoulder to shoulder all along Grand Avenue – the road separating the campus from the town. SCARY. These student riots were all planned and coordinated by ??? leftists of some kind.

N.B. Ferguson pix shown on some news broadcasts show white people in the crowds. They are the actual and spiritual descendants of the 1970s provocateurs. Once again, our resolve and understanding of what it takes to restore order is being tested.
N.B. II What the agitators are hoping for with the Molotov cocktails they were attempting to use are some deaths, but not enough to, again, dampen enthusiasm for rioting, but enough for further inflammation of the local population. It has to be carefully calibrated. It doesn’t always work perfectly according to plan. Thank G-d!

What do we learn from this? That indecision and lack of resolve creates chaos.


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