Maidan! Ukrainian fight for freedom continues

Here’s a video of the new hero of Ukrainian battles for Westernization, Vladimir (oddly, this is pronounced Voldimar) Klitschko. He’s a boxer! Very sweet, but a figurehead, not a leader of the Maidan movement.

Maidan means “Square” and stands for Independence Square in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. It has become the rallying call of supporters of a free Ukraine around the world. We fervently hope it concludes successfully and peacefully.

IFO has been following events in Ukraine for more than 10 years, when the Orange Revolution got underway. Just amazing!

The Orange Revolution in 2004 was a battle waged in the name of a pro-Western candidate for president, Viktor Yushchenko, who supporters said had had his election stolen from him by pro-Russian Ukrainians. He had also been poisoned by the Russians.

In Ukraine, the term “pro-Western” stands for light, freedom of thought and action, and clean government. “Pro-Russian” stands for dark, oppression and corruption.

Aren’t pro-Western people in Ukraine good-looking? If you could bottle it, “Freedom” would be a best-seller in the world of beauty! I’m thinking of, among others, Ruslana – a heroine of the Orange Revolution of 2004.

In the above-linked article, Ruslana notes with pride that the Maidan movement has NO LEADERS! This is Tea Party!

With no leaders, just a shared love of freedom and individuality, govt authoritarians have no reputation to trash, no person to imprison, no targets to shoot at. Yes, some 25 people have died in the Kiev demonstrations, but the impetus for freedom is too strong. Just read the history of Kiev for a clue.

The Ukrainian government is currently cracking down hard on the freedom fighters. This, right after Obama talked about “not stepping over a line.” Is this code giving oppressive governments an okay to go ahead and crush their enemies?

Ruslana is with the “Maidan” movement on Independence Square in Kiev right now. She won a Europe-wide song contest in 2004. I have the CD of her song, Wild Dances:


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