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From the Wall Street Journal…

Selling ObamaCare Door to Door

The New York Times tags along on a search for the uninsured, plus the President orders truck prices higher.– By James Freeman,Feb. 19, 2014 7:29 a.m. ET

If you think your job is tough, try hawking the Affordable Care Act on the streets of Florida.

The New York Times reports on an effort by Planned Parenthood and other liberal political organizations to find the law’s intended beneficiaries: “The hunt for the uninsured in Broward County got underway one recent afternoon when 41 canvassers, armed with electronic maps on Samsung tablets, set off through working-class neighborhoods to peddle the Affordable Care Act door to door.

Four hours later, they had made contact with 2,623 residents and signed up exactly 25 people.

“Many of their targets, people identified on sophisticated computer lists generated in Washington as unlikely to have health insurance, had moved away. Some were not home. Many said they already had insurance through Medicare, their parents or a job.

“A few were hostile at the mere mention of President Obama’s health care law. ‘We’re going to repeal that,” one man said gruffly as he shut the door in the face of a canvasser…”

Dear readers: go to the link above for the rest of this entertaining column. ~~IFO


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