Immigration and other political matters

[caption] Campaign sign for the recent Swiss vote on mass immigration. It says, Lack-of-moderation [causes] damages! Stop mass immigration YES” The common image for the campaign was the tree roots strangling the country.

The past few days have been full of amazing political events.

While everybody, IFO included, is laughing at the ineptness of the Russian kleptocrats in getting hotels and other services up and running in time for the Olympics in Sochi Russia, the beginnings of what may become a political tidal wave has begun to gather steam.

First, the amazing Swiss vote against “mass immigration.” This initiative was begun by what IFO is beginning to view as a Swiss version of the Tea Party. It is a legitimate political party – one of about seven recognized parties in the country – named the Swiss People’s Party, the SVP.

Doesn’t sound good to American ears, since “People’s” anything used to be a code word for Communists, but the SVP is a conservative party with a sense of wanting to maintain “Swissness” in the country and not have it be over-run by bureaucratic UN-types in Geneva or the internationalists of the still-living Communist remnants.

The vote was conclusive and decisive throughout the country – only one canton out of 26 voted against the measure. And while Swiss voters were approving limitations to mass immigration by large margins, they were voting against a measure to limit funding for abortions by equally large margins.

A reader poll in the Zofinger Tagblatt, a local Swiss paper, asked a few days after the vote if the respondent would vote the same on the immigration initiative if they had it to do again. This was in the face of massive media condemnation inside and outside of Switzerland. Nope, said more than 86% of the people responding.

Swiss truly are thoughtful voters with no discernible party-line as in Left v. Right. For example, the Swiss have voted repeatedly to stay out of the UN and out of the EU, in favor of bilateral agreements with those entities.

Today, we read in the Zofinger Tagblatt that opponents of the law spent twice as much, 5.6 million Swiss franks, to defeat it as the supporters spent, 2.1 million SFrs, to win. That worked out to spending 3.85 SFrs for every No vote  to 1.45 SFrs per Yes vote.

Other snippets – Tennessee autoworkers voted against having the UAW represent them at the Chattanooga VW plant, in spite of BOTH management and unions nagging them to vote Yes. This, too, was a decisive vote of 54% No to 46% Yes. Clearly, the workers are smarter than the union bosses or upper management!

In San Diego, a Democratic city in the Democratic state of California voted for a Republican mayor, named Kevin Faulconer.

So, while “leaders” of various kinds in the world are caving in to media and mob pressure, individuals are voting intelligently for their own self-interest, not for the elites’ self-interests.

Venezuela, whose leaders have gone all Marxist, is collapsing; while pro-Western Ukrainians are giving their Russian-loving opponents headaches; Egypt is restoring a secular government in the face of opposition by the Obama administration and Egyptian radical Muslims.

It’s almost enough to make us hopeful that the world is stepping back from the brink of destruction.


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