Snow! Great snow in the Pacific Northwest in FEBRUARY!!

The above audio clip features our favorite weatherman, Steve Pierce. Look through our archives in the search box to the right for more posts about him and the Oregon Meteorological Society’s brave action of putting on an event giving the counter-arguments to the then-dominant Global Warmists. I think the Warmists are hiding in an ice cave at this time, but they had lots of political clout when the OR-AMS did that.

As Pierce points out in the clip, we’re setting cold weather records again. Today is the second day of snow in the Tropics of Newberg. Taking a lesson from the Great Snow of 2008 in Oregon, we swept our sidewalk last night and again this morning.

Guess what? Sidewalk is snow-covered again. Yay!

It’s not all good. IFO had planned a wonderful weekend – live opera with wonderful daughter, trip to rose nursery, Opera in HD in Newport, Oregon on Saturday morning, a chocolate party in Willamina Saturday night.

Instead, we’re sitting at home enjoying the sights, eating great food, and preparing for Shabbat.

So, let’s conclude with a virtual visit to the Heirloom Roses nursery in St. Paul, Oregon.


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