Timber industry gets clever – secret provisions of the new, bipartisan Farm Bill

They’re not real! HT to TurboSquid: http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-pine-tree/390457

From Random Lengths:

AWC commends Congress on Farm Bill Conference

American Wood Council President and CEO Robert Glowinski has commended members of the House and Senate Committees on Agriculture for their leadership in developing a bipartisan farm bill to move forward. “We also applaud conferees for including a strengthened research program for using wood as a green building material and for including provisions of H.R. 979, the Forest Products Fairness Act of 2013, which clarifies that the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s BioPreferred program should recognize wood products as ‘biobased.’ The Farm Bill mandates important changes to USDA’s biobased program that will allow wood products to fully participate in the program as intended, Glowinski concluded.

This is bureacratese for “getting more subsidies.” Now, trees can be subsidized just the way corn is now for ethanol or “biofuel.” The subsidies may be quite subtle and second-hand, as usual. They are for “research” which industry used to pay for, but now will be able to pay less.

Who would have thought this was such an incredibly political act? Read this USDA press release, “USDA Designates New Biobased Product Categories,” if you can stand it.

Normally, we would applaud fair treatment for trees, but the subsidy part is a big problem. Also, the definitional part. Are trees green? Renewable? Sustainable? Clearly “biobased” has become a term of art, with pages of regulations defining that term.

Can we do that for water now? Water, that is, in the form of a river which can go through turbines and produce electricity. Water is, just like trees, sustainable and renewable, therefore, green energy – right?

Right now the answer is No – green energy is only that electricity that comes in the form of solar panels and windmills. There is not enough money in the world to produce the electricity we need to run our homes and factories with just solar and wind.

And what happens when our PC electric cars running on chargeable batteries begin to draw down our electricity supply? Oh, right. Nuclear.

Splodey heads for the Greens! They cut their baby teeth as they rode in their parents’ baby carriers during anti-nuclear plant protests. And remember, the ZPGers (zero population growth) are still around, having missed the memo that First World Populations are shrinking.

Don’t know how this will turn out, but it would be funny if it weren’t so scary. In our opinion, the Greens and their parents, the anti-nukes, would prefer to have the entire human race disappear. And failing that, at least the remaining ones should move back into the caves.

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