It’s working I tell you, it’s working! Oh, wait…

HT: John Lloyd Scharf, “Awards in Journalism” blog, with the flowing caption: “This is awarded to the user of weasel words to the extent that nothing was said, but the delusion of content is powerful.”

Washington state’s health exchange website is down again.

Just so you know … national media isn’t keeping track of state websites. Plus, they seem to be less than candid, or amazingly willing to accept statementsfrom the Obama administration, that all is well, or getting well.

Read everything very carefully and watch out for the weasel words. As in, “The site will be working beautifully.”

Several grafs later, “in a few days, weeks, whatever, we expect everyone to be able to get on and sign up,” etc.

N.B. The blogsite where we found the image, posted in 2009, above contained the following wonderful explanation:

Weasel words are words or statements that seemingly support statements without attributing opinions to verifiable sources. They give the force of authority to a phrase or a sentence without letting the reader decide whether the source of the opinion is reliable. If a statement can’t stand without weasel words, it lacks neutral point of view; either a source for the statement should be found, or the statement should be removed. If a statement can stand without weasel words, they may be undermining its neutrality and the statement may be better off standing without them.

IFO adds to this the note that words are slipped in to a statement that imply one thing, but say another.

Investment lesson: weasel words and phrases abound in the land of “Wish It Was.” So, always read, or listen, very carefully and skeptically.


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