Shopping at small businesses; losing weight

Here’s a high climber – a logger limbing a tree before he or a fellow logger fells it. The Fort Hill Restaurant has a High Climber Hamburger – yum!

Our Thanksgiving was full of new experiences. IFO and her dear friend, Eucalyptus, drove three towns away to eat at the famous Fort Hill Restaurant. It’s on the Salmon River Highway on the way to the Oregon Coast.

There are zillions of restaurants between here and there – some quite good – but we had an additional reason for wanting to eat there and Eucalyptus totally agreed with us.

You see, a few years ago, the Oregon Highway Department suddenly put dozens on highway barriers down in front of the eatery with no warning whatsoever. It now takes a very determined and/or a very knowledgeable customer to find the way in to the pot-holed parking lot.

The owners have survived the blow, but staying open is a constant struggle. Their clientele consists mainly of loyal, local folks who know how to get there.

The Thanksgiving special was only $12.95 and consisted of white meat turkey on corn bread stuffing, a big slice of ham, mashed potatoes, boiled sweet potatoes, green beans with bacon bits and a little onion, and pale yellow gravy. There was a quite ordinary salad of chopped greens – no arugula – and choice of pie: apple or pumpkin. Of course, IFO skipped the ham and bacon bits.

Like most restaurants of that type, the food is ample and plain. Opinion: next time IFO will get the Highclimber burger. Just sayin’

You can see this sign from the highway, but it’s hard to find the entrance to the service road!

On the way back home, we stopped in Sheridan and took a looonnnnggg walk. It was great. IFO has NEVER taken a long walk after Thanksgiving in her life! She was glad she did, though. She weighed one pound less the next day.

This is her most successful Thanksgiving ever. She shopped at a small business – that was a great mitzvah! – exercised, lost weight, and cheered up a friend who would have had to have spent Thanksgiving by herself.

Though, truth be told, said friend may have been doing her own mitzvah by celebrating the day with IFO. Works either way!


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