Day 14 – Freedom flies: when disaster memes clash

HT: Schimke Ranch

We wondered why, one week ago, when a huge, disastrous blizzard hit So. Dakota, killing thousands of cattle and possibly ruining some ranchers, there was no huge media outcry.

IFO’s first thought was, “Well, that sure doesn’t fit the global warming meme. And this in the face of the IPCC report finding (deep in the footnotes) little to no warming over the past 15 years. Things don’t look good for Anthropogenic [man-caused] Global Warming.”

Too funny. Except for the poor ranchers. However, we know the ag scene pretty well. In previous disasters here in Oregon, valley farmers and ranchers have rushed aid to their coastal counterparts when floods hit the dairy-rich Tillamook area.

We have no doubt ag producers in So. Dakota, and perhaps neighboring states, will do the same. This, of course, will not get reported nationally. BTW, our illustration for this post is from the Schimke Ranch, based in South Dakota. We highly recommend that you look at their website:

But, but, BUT – don’t think the geniuses in Wash DC weren’t racking their brains trying to figure out how to blame the disaster on Bush, or Republicans in general. And here we are – one week later and they did it! Getting slow, aren’t you, guys?

Anyway, it’s … anyone? … Yes! It is the G-vt Shutdown! No disaster aid is possible. Now, IFO knows from long experience just how turtle-slow ALL govt aid is in coming.

What most people didn’t know, is that until recently, FEMA’s only duty was to other govt agencies – cities, counties, etc.  Money eventually arrived after frustrating delays for filling out paperwork; then it was rushed to pay for repair of govt infrastructure like roads, bridges, govt buildings, communications equipment.

During the New Orleans flood, reporters with little or no experience with FEMA, or who had never heard of the agency, or with pro-G-vt agendas never mentioned this little fact. Federal Emergency Management Agency/Adminstration only became aid to individuals after that flood.

Flood, or general crop disaster insurance, which most farmers and ranchers buy from a govt USDA program, will also probably be held up. We heard on the radio this morning that a USDA home loan guarantee program is being held up, too.

So, you see folks the AGW Disaster meme had to give way to the G-vt Shutdown Disaster meme. If it weren’t that our own friends were being affected, this would be funny.


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