Day 5: Freedom flies, Americans calm

 Here’s a post made to IFO on her personal Facebook page. In “6 Things We’ve Learned About Democrats From The Government Shutdown” we see the same idea she wrote about in one of her earlier posts. So we’re not the only ones who see it this way:

“Democrats thought shutting down the government was going to be the smartest decision they ever made, but it’s looking more like Napoleon’s march into Russia every day. For the first time in years, the Republicans sound like reasonable, principled adults who are willing to compromise to help the country. Meanwhile, Democrats are coming across like arrogant Lords telling the rest of the rabble in flyover country what rights they’re willing to allow them to have.”
— John Hawkins, October 5, 2013

Headlines on the Drudge Report show the ridiculous extremes that the Administration is going to to make life difficult for as many people, preferably Republicans, as possible. Our favorite was the order to close the ocean down in Florida.

We especially love the stories about federal attempts to close STATE parks! Wisconsin, YAY!, isn’t having any of it. They are keeping their state parks open. The longer this goes on, the more resistance the feds will encounter.

This puts us in mind of the days of the collapse of the Roman Republic and the establishment of the Roman Empire. The Roman Senate became more and more irrelevant. Cato the Younger (see picture above) was a Roman philosopher and patriot, and a member of one of the first families of Rome. He was present when the Republic was in the 100-year process of becoming an Empire.

He did his best to stop the trend, but failed. Wikipedia says “Cato used the device of filibuster, speaking continuously until nightfall, to prevent the Senate from voting on the issue of whether or not Caesar would be allowed to stand for consul in absentia.”

We highly recommend that our readers review this important period. Why? Because we see some troubling signs and similarities. But don’t think the country will be taken over and turned into an Empire by the Democrats. Look at their leaders: too ignorant and incompetent to pull it off. Sadly, Republican leaders aren’t.

Republicans and their friends are doers, job-makers, organizers, managers. Democrats and their friends are takers, job-holders, receivers, subordinates. So, unless Pres. Obama and his Congressional allies pull back, here’s a possible scenario for the future:

2014 : Senate gains Republican majority.

2016: Presidential election – Republican president and majorities in Congress. This time the Republican president will be able to do what the Bushes and Reagan couldn’t do: Establish a One-Party State, backed by the Military.  Pres. Obama has already set the example:

1. If  you don’t like a law, ignore it.
2. Continue the militarization of the state and local police forces.
3. Continue to expand the size and scope of the national government.

We’ll try to figure out a way to avoid this terrible dystopian future. Any suggestions?


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