Day 4 – Freedom flies – Danger, Will Robinson! (i.e. Democrats)

The danger Democrats and Pres. Obama face regarding the ACA and their refusal to negotiate in any way, shape or form, is that they will lose EVERYTHING.

We say this based on our own experience. Many years ago, IFO was involved in a political battle in her county. She had been on a committee formed to create and recommend to the county commissioners a county historical preservation ordinance.

She was alone on that committee in advocating for choice rather than force. Other committee members wanted the ordinance to be compulsory for owners of buildings defined by the committee as “historic.” Her position was over-ruled at every level.

When the county held hearings on the ordinance, most property owners were pretty upset, though some supported it. And there it lay – her failure bugged her, but she gave up. What could she do?

Then came election time. A candidate came to her door and asked her if she had any issues relating to county operations. Oh, did he get an earful! He actually ran on that bad ordinance, and won. Many, many political maneuvers followed. We won’t tire you, dear readers, with the details.

Suffice to say, they were many and varied, and at one point required deep knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order, known in some circles as “parly pro.” (Short for parliamentary procedure.) We managed to stop implementation of the ordinance, IIRC, but couldn’t get a more liberal one accepted. The attitude of the other committee members was, “the ordinance is perfect. Why should we do what you want?”

In the meantime, the new commissioner was also attempting to get the state law changed to say that all historic designations must be voluntary at the county level. Such designations were already voluntary at the state and federal levels of government.

He went through agonies of compromises to “make the language more acceptable” to the other side, but got nowhere.  The opponents refused to budge. It became a partisan matter. The Legislature was split about half-and-half. Everybody was tired.

A key, highly-respected Portland developer had said during testimony on the re-authorization of the law that he didn’t care whether property owners had to consent. It was clear that the thought had never crossed his mind. That pretty much killed the “mandatory” portion of the law.

Then, at the last minute before the Legislature adjourned, a very powerful member (can’t remember whether said member was a Senator or Representative) added a single line to the end of the state historic preservation legislation which was being re-authorized, to the effect that property owners must support the designation and could not be forced into it.

So, the mandatory people lost it all. Holding on at one county had cost them the entire state. Too bad.

Investment note: beware intransigence, either on your own part or the part of the managers of the company whose stock you own.


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