Day 2: Freedom still flying

Laura McKellar - looking forward

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Day Two – the sky is still up there. The media are straining to find disaster and destruction somewhere, anywhere. But, guess what? CNN, of all networks, is starting to act like a real news organization! And it’s not just Jake Tapper, either. Watch the clip below as Harry Reid says he doesn’t want to help a single kid with cancer:

Otherwise, all IFO has heard has been a poor frightened woman looking forward to possible loss of a G-vt check for her disabled-veteran husband. She may have to quit going to college, too. She apparently hasn’t heard that most G-vt checks will continue to go out for quite some time.

Meanwhile, it seems the fed G-vt has found some money for Detroit! Yes – somewhere around $300 million. Here a snip from the NY Times:

. . . Mr. Obama has fallen back on what he can do through executive actions, with available money and tax credits, or through partnerships with local businesses and foundations.

The effort is similar to the way he has worked around Congress to create advanced manufacturing centers nationwide with federal and local support, provide broadband in every classroom, speed up infrastructure projects and try to reduce gun violence.

The Christian Science Monitor has a story on this too; headline: “Think Stimulus, not bailout.” Other publications have covered this, too, but we haven’t heard anything on radio or TV.

This situation makes us very nervous looking forward. If the POTUS (we have no doubt that his predecessors have done this kind of thing) can run around the Constitution with not a peep from a single Dem or Rep, we are in far worse trouble than even the most rabid conspiracy theorist may think.

Let’s cherish our freedom while we have it.

Investment note: if you own stocks or other paper investments, you probably have little to fear. The elites will take care of each other. They won’t mind if you get some benefit from rising asset prices that as long as they get theirs.


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