Day 1: Freedom flies – Government shutdown is on!!!

HT for illustration above:

Today begins Day One of freedom from some fed govt operations.

IFO woke up to a radio announcer practically begging his guest on the phone, Rick Seaney, the operator of to describe the chaos and dangers that flyers would now endure.

FAA shut down? Uh, no. There are provisions for that.

Will airplanes fall out of sky? Nope.

TSA not working well? Uh, no. Actually this is a time of year when fewer passengers are flying and there are smaller crowds in the airport.

Ummm, other security services in airports? Uh, no. Those are local govt services.

IFO got out of bed, turned on the light, went to the bathroom, got dressed, weighed herself, made coffee, ate breakfast, took a call from an editor asking for an update to her recent news story, … IOW, she lived a normal, functioning life.

Okay, now for the financial news. The markets just hate govt shutdowns, the announcer said. Market report came on – the stock markets are up!! They opened up and stayed up! Day-amn!

HT to Yahoo! Finance.

Dow 15,191.70 +62.03 +0.41 %
Nasdaq 3,817.98 +46.50 +1.23 %
S&P 500 1,695.00 +13.45 +0.80 %
Tuesday, October 1, 2013, 4:45PM ET
U.S. Markets closed.

What does that tell you? It tells IFO that the fed govt, far from being so important to the national economy, is actually nearly  irrelevant.

The major media are in a near-religious frenzy, esp. the Washington DC-based ones. They think the U.S. federal government IS the U.S. economy. IT IS NOT!

We’re reading a book by a non-observant Jew who is an atheist or, as he calls himself, a skeptic. But now that he has reached “old age,” he is somewhat annoyed to notice that he is experiencing “spiritual yearnings.” Stay with us, now. We’re coming to the point.

IFO thinks such skepticism is not confined to old age. She also thinks that most of the reporters for the major media are also skeptics at best, atheists at worst.

Her point here, thanks to this “old” author, is that it appears that some of those people, have substituted a new deity. Perhaps we should write “G-vt,” as we write “G-d.”

It seems fitting.


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