Possible new thriller plot – was Aaron Alexis a sleeper agent?

The nice guy.

The not-so-nice guy.

The more IFO hears about the killer of all those people at the Navy center in DC, the more she sees the outline of a plot for a new action thriller. We hearby offer it for free to any of a number of well-known writers who do this kind of thing – say, John Grisham or David Baldacci, among many others.

Frenzied news reports say the killer, Aaron Alexis, 34, was mentally ill, had anger issues, etc., with symptoms like paranoia, a sleep disorder and hearing voices in his head. We are getting a picture of a raging, monstrous maniac with a criminal record. Still, some news stories are raising the question of motive and they haven’t found an answer yet.

Yet, those people who actually knew him paint an entirely different picture.

Even an employee of Glenn Beck said on Beck’s radio show Tuesday, Sept. 17, that he had seen Alexis, who worked for a Thai friend who owned a Thai restaurant in Texas, many times. Seemed like a nice, pleasant man, no anger issues, quiet. Alexis must have had a high IQ – he spoke Japanese and Thai.

Meanwhile, at the very beginning when the news of the shooting was  just coming out, we heard police were looking for two other people. The main shooter, or one of the shooters – Alexis, had been killed.

A few hours later, the two people became just one. The other one had been checked out and found to have been uninvolved. How were they picked out for investigation? Maybe by indoor cameras. We’re not hearing about the second person of interest anymore. Maybe they were Alexis’ controllers? Could he have been a kind of Manchurian candidate?

Or were they good guys, CIA or FBI or some more secret US govt spy agency, who had a clue, but not all the pieces to the puzzle. Could they stop the plot? Or did they stop one, but not the Navy center one? Many possibilities for gripping fiction.

IFO’s aim, if she had the talent and inclination to write such a book, would be to lead the reader to have deep sympathy for the tortured Alexis as he goes through his transformation from nice guy with a few smudges on his record, to a dangerous deranged killer.

News photos pictures of Alexis are changing, too. The first ones showed a pleasant, smiling Black man. Even IFO, who is every bit as racist as the next nervous White person, thinks he looks like a nice guy. Now we are seeing pix of him that look like a police mug shot or a dangerous watchcap-wearing thug.

Now, we need a villain or villains. IFO’s favorite would be a radical Islamist group, working silently and secretly to wreak havoc in the U.S. They look for a likely candidate for their next Action.

They are well-educated, well-financed and well-placed in their respective cities. They meet with each other only rarely to trade info they have gathered: personnel records to identify the ideal candidate for their plot, possible drugs or viruses to create mental illness, and info on possible locations.

Other possible villains are the tried-and-true Communists of any national stripe, or – and this is weak and unlikely, but we want to propose a selection of bad guys – a group at a mega-corporation whose managers are angry about the loss of a huge Navy contract.

So, there you have it. A best seller ripped from the headlines.


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