As promised, bread pix

Here are the pictures from IFO’s recent adventures in bread making. Keep in mind she uses only a wooden spoon, plastic scraper, Pyrex measuring cup and pottery mixing bowl. The only ingredients are white whole wheat flour, dry yeast, water and salt.

Starting at the top, in order, we first see the early dough that is being mixed and turned. Second, dough covered with plastic wrap ready to rise.

Third – the risen dough dumped on heavily floured counter, ready to be kneaded to develop the gluten.

Fourth and fifth – dough is well developed and ready for its second rise.

Sixth – risen dough was rolled out (not punched down!) onto counter and formed into two baguette-style loaves. We were out of eggs for an egg wash, so we put on some poppy seeds to keep the plastic from sticking to the dough.

And, finally — the finished product. Forgot to cut it to show you the crumb, but it was dense, with very few holes, perhaps due to a miscalculation on the salt (too much). Tastes good though.

Beginning the mix img_1528 IMG_1529 IMG_1530 IMG_1531 IMG_1534Finished product! TaDa!The finished product! TaDa!


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  1. Jan Jackson says:

    Wish I li
    ved next door – smile./jj

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