Thank you, Mr. President and Sen. Rand Paul

Ed Asner

Glenn Beck

It seems that Pres. Obama has almost eliminated partisanship. But when Glenn Beck and Ed Asner find common ground in their positions on Syria, we can only attribute this phenomenon to Pres. Obama.

Members of Congress and the public are thinking for themselves, rather than following their party line. Of course, in the case of Syria, is there a party line?

Majorities, some huge, of Congress and the public, all cross party lines on this and a couple of other issues consistently. Here’s an example from The Huffington Post.

— The 217-205 roll call Wednesday by which the House rejected a challenge to the National Security Agency’s secret collection of hundreds of millions of Americans’ phone records.

A “yes” vote was a vote to halt the NSA program; a “no” vote was a vote to allow the program to continue.

Voting yes were 111 Democrats and 94 Republicans.

Voting no were 83 Democrats and 134 Republicans.

It’s not just the NSA and Syria either. Large numbers of people oppose the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. And all seem to be ignoring party lines, whether favoring or opposing attempts to shut all of these proposals and programs down.

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul

Could it be that Rand Paul’s filibuster was the opening salvo in this new scenario of people feeling comfortable about thinking for themselves? Here are some reactions in time order:

Media: “What?”

Media: “Is this something we should laugh at?”

Public: “No, it’s brave and it’s what we think.”

Media: “Isn’t that amazing? Let’s talk about this seriously.”

They could never bring themselves to actually praise the Senator, but they haven’t successfully diminished him either. Did the people who watched his filibuster realize they actually could take a contrary position and survive?

Seven best moments of Rand Paul’s filibuster Check out clip 5 in this link! BTW, he is among the first, if not THE first, Republicans to filibuster in the Senate. It used to be Southern Democrats, who filibustered Civil Rights bills for years.

What a weird time this is!


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