What if you gave a big demonstration and nobody came?

In our last post, we commented on Nancy Pelosi’s use of the word “Action” in connection with possible bombing of Syria. This caused us to think about past Actions we have personally observed, or have heard about from direct participants.

An alert reader of this blog observed that there should have been a citation, as Wikipedia calls it, for the assertion that it was a goal of the Occupy movement to create a riot.  You had to be on the deep inside to know who the movers were. We weren’t on the inside, but we have some experiences that led us to smell exactly just such a goal.

BTW, Action organizers probably have hierarchies of goals. Get publicity by creating: a riot; an injury/police atrocity; a change in public policy and opinion.

First, some personal experiences. Back in the 1985 and 1986, there was a big hullaballoo over a complex deal involving arms for hostages and money for Nicaraguan anti-Communist fighters, known as Contras. Hence the term The Iran-Contra Affair. We weren’t paying any attention since we were covering our local and county governments. Never even read the big city newspapers.

However, somebody on the Left got the idea that a local helicopter company, Evergreen International Aviation, was involved in flying weapons to the Contras. This was confirmed, indirectly (a wink and a nod), by an Evergreen employee who had no idea he was talking to a reporter (IFO), since she was clerking at the local bookstore. He would never have gone on the record with that info/opinion, so she missed a major scoop. Boo-hoo.

Anyway, the Portland Leftists decided to have an Action at Evergreen’s McMinnville HQ. IFO was assigned to cover the demonstration. So, we went to the A-Dec building at the Yamhill County Fairgrounds to attend the meeting on the eve of the planned Action. There she heard the lead organizer complain about the skimpy turnout.

“You have no idea how much paper I had to push,” he said to the sparse crowd, just to get Portland’s anti-war people to go to this demonstration. He printed posters and signs, made phone calls, put out press releases, and did mailings to various Leftist groups, including the Dine’ (Navajo people to most of us). A few Dine’ actually did come.

The organizer must have been just getting started in organizing, or he would have realized how far away McM was from PDX, psychologically. “It’s a fickn’ foreign country, man!” we figure most of the no-shows thought to themselves. McM was, after all, a whole 40 miles away from PDX!

The demonstration the next day saw only a few discouraged sign carriers, standing forlornly at the side of the highway going past Evergreen’s HQ.

We’re running out of room here. The next post will continue with this exposition of Actions as we have known them through the years. As a former general news reporter, we know our news stories ARE the citation!


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