Now Hillary is probably laughing herself silly

A few days ago, we put up a post about the Syria situation and posited the notion that Hillary Clinton must be really mad that she stepped down from, or was pushed out of, her position as US Secy of State.

Just when it seemed that the Obama administration was going to get all macho and conduct a little war, or as Nancy Pelosi and others call it “an action,” the wheels started to come off. Woo-hoo!

We highly recommend that you all pay close attention to this farcical saga, or soap opera. As you laugh and laugh, note that while she may have been mad to begin with, Hillary is now probably laughing as well. With relief. She won’t be tied to any of this incompetence that is so prominently on display.

BTW, the word “action” by Pelosi is very telling. In Far Left circles, an Action is a demonstration with the goal of creating a riot. Occupy Wall Street camps were Actions.

Don’t think for a minute that they weren’t carefully planned. It’s true that even a well-planned Action can go wrong, but in general, the goal is to create any kind of mass chaos with hopefully an arrest and an atrocity – film, for example, (the people running the action almost all have cameras) of police pepper spraying an innocent protester, who was simply standing there, “not even part of the demonstration.”

We’ll tell you how we know this in our next post. These Actions have a long and checkered history. Grandchildren or great-grandchildren of the first demonstrators are now attempting to repeat their ancestors’ exploits. The stories and methods are handed down from parent to child, from professor to student. Sometimes they are the same.

The police have gotten really smart, so you don’t see many cases like the one pictured below:

Now, of course, the Left is a bit fractured. For bombing Syria? Against bombing Syria? They aren’t getting any orders to follow, so they are all over the place now.

Notice that IFO put this post in the category of Politics. National Security? Don’t make us laugh! However, that WAS going to be a blockbuster House hearing on Climate Change that was going to blow the socks off the of formerly clueless members of the public! Hmmm…


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2 Responses to Now Hillary is probably laughing herself silly

  1. Robert de Forest says:

    “In Far Left circles, an Action is a demonstration with the goal of creating a riot. Occupy Wall Street camps were Actions.” You seem to imply that riots were the Occupy movement’s goal. I say [citation needed] to that. (I don’t think they had a clear goal at all.)

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