Herb gardening for health

IMG_0826 You wouldn’t think that an aching back and dirt under your fingernails would promote good health, yet we think that’s just what it does.

We have missed our original herb garden for the two years we have been away from it. It took years to get it to be so good, because we were learning all the time.

The picture at the left is our second herb garden in the previous location. We can’t find any earlier pix of the one, the first one,  on the other side of that hedge. But you will see in the bottom right corner of the bed a cluster of borage – a wonderful self-seeder. The balls on top of tall stalks are actually leeks, not onions. That was an experiment. A neighbor accidentally bought way too many starts and gave us some.

Our number one consideration when we started our original herb garden was to have a perennial garden. Our number two one was to be able to go out to the back yard at a moment’s notice from a gourmet recipe we were trying and pick the fresh herbs we had out there.

We had them all — sage, parsley, thyme, rosemary, angelica, fennel, dill, borage and more.

Now, we’ve started all over in our new little place. Numbers one and two objectives still obtains, but the number three goal now is to have decorative foundation plantings for the front of the house. Interestingly, the kitchen is now closer to the front yard than the back.

Here’s what the new guys look like now:

Just planted! Let's see which ones survive. Some plants (rose and yellow flower) were there to begin with.

Just planted! Let’s see which ones survive. Some plants (rose and yellow flower) were there to begin with.

Next to the porch on the top tier rosemary, and coming forward – pineapple sage, winter savory and Mexican sage (the leaves taste like chili!). On the bottom tier are oregano, dwarf sage, French thyme and chives. [Many thanks to Nichols Garden Nursery!]

The bird picture in the window is an attempt to prevent the little sparrows or wrens or whatever they are from flying into it.

After our experience in our other house, where a little bird flew into the window, probably to greet, challenge or attempt to make love to the lovely little guy s/he saw, and knocked him/herself to the ground. At that point a blue jay pounced and . . .  it’s just too dreadful to recall. See my previous post on “The Killer Jay.”

On the other side of the front door we are going to plant a row of lavendar – each a different variety. Should be fun. Here’s what it looks like so far:

Lavendar plants ready to go into the ground. We shall see!

Lavendar plants ready to go into the ground. We shall see!


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