Global warming prevention laws cost big bucks

We weren’t going to mention it again. After all, it seems that the whole idea that people are causing the world’s temperatures to rise has been so thoroughly debunked and discredited that there was no need to say anything more about it.

But we were wrong. An amazingly huge number of people still believe in it. And we do mean “believe in,” as in a quasi-religious belief. All these folks have to do is keep repeating a few simple phrases, like “settled science,” or “ice caps are melting,” or similar cliches, and ignore all evidence to the contrary.

Secondly, we were wrong in thinking that most people know that temperatures have, in fact, fallen for the past 10+ years, therefore, discrediting the hysterical predictions of the warming believers.

Today, we found a startling article on a financial website, Seeking Alpha, written by a hugely qualified analyst, Robert Wagner.  No, not THAT Robert Wagner. BTW, I’m not fond of Seeking Alpha. Some of their writers to be a bit sketchy.

In spite of a somewhat misleading headline, GOP Hearings On Climate Change May Threaten Entire Green Economy, he launches into an excellent summary of the history and ideology of Global Warming, or Climate Change, which includes all the salient points anyone would need to understand why the Glogal Warming scam is simply an expensive exercise in social engineering.

He thinks Congressional hearings will finally bring to light some of the more egregious blunders made by the global warming crowd. Personally, we think he underestimates the hold that the religion has in academia and the media.

However, you can make up your own minds. Here are a few snippets, to lure you into reading the entire piece:

* “. . . the political risk to the biofuels industry simply cannot be overstated.

* “My educational and professional background includes the hard, social, health and biological sciences, extensive applied mathematics and statistics, optics, radiation, absorption, lighting, wave physics and most importantly, multi-variable linear regression modeling.”

* He wonders where the Republican party has been in all this. “”Big Oil” is paying a huge regulatory cost, consumers are paying higher prices for food and energy, labor intensive “fracking” and coal are under attack, Keystone and the jobs it would create are being blocked, countless taxpayer funded wind and solar firms are going bankrupt, it appeared to be a clear political winner and yet the GOP did nothing.”

* The issue is purely political. A Pew survey found that “. . .about one in five Republicans . . .thought human activity should be blamed for global warming, while nearly nine out of 10 Democrats thought the two were connected.

* Here’s a chart he uses to show how bad the “science” is:

* “Data driven science follows the conclusions generated by the data. Only in climate “science” do the “scientists” simply ignore the data and stick with the theory, even when the data is rejecting the theory at the 95% confidence level.”

There’s more, but we leave it to you to follow the link.


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