Algeria, Al Quaeda and BP

Algerian gendarms escort freed Norwegian hostage Oddvar Birkedal. (Reuters)

Algeria is a tough bugger. Eminently worthy of our respect. In TV clips, the rescued hostages had many positve comments about the Algerian army. The Algerian Army did what armies are supposed to do: protect people and property.

It’s going to stop those terrorists sooner rather than later. France, even with a leftist Prime Minister, seems to have grown a pair, too. It’s amazing how courageous we can be when our physical and economic lives are at stake.

This isn’t a game for these two countries. Energy is key to their existence.

Notice how the countries pleading with terrorists to be nice to protect the hostages? How much good did it do? The terrorists do seem more interested in killing people than in achieving their religious or political goals, whatever they may be. They are probably losing their cachet – no longer such tough guys, no longer able to strike fear into the hearts of their adversaries.

A couple more of those smackdowns by North African countries will probably cause Al Quaeda to seek quieter locations. It’s hard… and costly… to train, drug and brainwash terrorists.

And what’s up with BP? Are they always in the wrong place at the wrong time? Is someone going to discover that security wasn’t that good at the plant? It seems BP just can’t catch a break. Bet the first lawsuits will go into the court hoppers at 8:00 a.m. Monday morning.

Finally, the plant was an example of how commerce and production makes for peaceful coexistence among many different nationalities and races. It’s only when governments get into the mix that wars start. And what’s happening in Mali? Just looked in on the news about that poor country. It’s too complicated. It gave me a headache.


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