What does the news from Algeria remind you of?

First, some preliminary comments – for Hillary-haters: you can’t blame this on her, she’s been out of commission for weeks. Benghazi belongs to the entire Obama administration anyway.

We’re troubled by the situation in Algeria. It looks as if Algeria is a good guy with government officials, or their military at any event, refusing to heed the words of the US and most of Europe saying, “Don’t get tough with these terrorists, listen to us, the experts.”

Do these pix jog your memory? We’ll call them Pictures A, B and C:

Night time in the desert.

Daytime in the desert

See the likeness?


Location: Australia or Algeria?
Date: 1981 or 2013?
Refinery: Oil or Gas?

Whoever guesses right gets a free copy of my next book.


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2 Responses to What does the news from Algeria remind you of?

  1. One person left this comment: Ok. Where and when and what happened? I am history challenged

  2. From IFO: thanks for playing everyone. Here are the answers:
    Pictures A & B are stills from the 1981 movie “Mad Max II, The Road Warrior.” It is a vivid memory for me, even though it is the first, and only, movie I have walked out on. It was just too violent and depressing.
    Picture C is a Wall Street Journal photo of the natural gas plant in Algeria. Art seems to be 20 to 50 or so years ahead of reality.

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