Sobering thoughts for a cold day

Aaron Swartz, 26, a brilliant young man who was in on the ground floor of making the Internet useful for the rest of us, was found dead yesterday. The police “are now investigating whether he hanged himself, law enforcement sources said.”

Watch this video recorded in May this year and decide for yourself.

Keep up with this story. It is far more important than most people realize. Here’s another take on it from the Huffington Post. Headline: “Were The Charges Against Internet Activist Aaron Swartz Too Severe?”

The WSJ has important details: “The organization [that Massachusetts prosecutors said he had ‘stolen’ articles from] said it had told prosecutors that it wasn’t interested in pursuing charges against Mr. Swartz.”

Here’s the headscratcher from the same WSJ article that makes me wonder: “He was hanging from a bedroom window [WTF????] with a belt around his neck, said a law-enforcement official familiar with the matter. There was no suicide note, the person said.”

I keep thinking of Andrew Breitbart. Articles on his death repeatedly mentioned his heart problems, just as the articles on Aaron Swartz keep mentioning his depression.

Back in the 1970s, when Important People became terrified of “dangerous” rock stars, who proceeded to die “tragically” for several years, the articles on their deaths repeatedly mentioned their use of drugs and alcohol. Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin come to mind.


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