More Swiss humor and politics, too

Taking a walk today, I saw this darling little Santa practicing his entry into one of the apartments in my complex.

Santa Practicing His Entry

Santa Practicing His Entry

Better than a witch flying into a phone pole!

Better than a witch flying into a phone pole!










Today’s ZT ((Zofinger Tagblatt) has a hilarious and multi-layered Christmas-themed cartoon. Wish I could show it to you.

“Sensational discovery: The three Kings were SWISS!!!”

Three Swiss ski team members are leading a camel toward Bethlehem as they address a grumpy St. Joseph in front of the stable, with a calendar page on a nail reading “January 6.”

“Congratulations on the Birthday!!!” they chorus.

“It was on the 24th of December. You are 13 days too late!!!” Joseph grumbles.

The paper had a great editorial column by a representative of the Swiss pro-free market political party the SVP, with the unlikely sounding English name of Swiss People’s Party.

As the name indicates, they started out with a fairly strong populist platform.

Now that they are the biggest party in the country, with about 5-6 others contending for the remaining  seats in the national government.

They now stress the benefits of free market economics, competition, and antipathy toward the EU (European Union.) This appeals to their supporters who are mainly farmers and small business people.

He said he loves Europe, but the EU disgusts him. Then he gave some examples to show why. First, there are 34,000 regulations and 25,000 lobbyists in Brussels. Probably no one knows how many Eurocrats (EU bureaucrats, especially the regulation writers!) there are in Brussels.

Then he gives two examples of the EU’s ridiculous regulations. The amount of curvature a cucumber may have! The length of a condom!


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