Swiss kids: born to putzen

These little girls were on their home from school. They agreed to getting their picture taken.

These little girls were on their home from school. They agreed to getting their picture taken.

Aren’t kids great? These little girls were having so much fun.

I’m glad I had a chance to get their picture. I saw two very little boys with THEIR snow shovels and their mother hurrying up the street to shop for dinner. They were gone before I even thought of my camera, and Mom looked quite rushed.

I wonder at what point they are allowed to be on their own? The playgrounds look very ‘dangerous’ from today’s American point of view, though much like my childhood playgrounds.

Babies in strollers are so bundled up in this snowy weather, they look like little mummies. They have pacifiers stuck in their mouths, thick mittens, and so much clothing on that their little arms stick straight out. I can’t imagine they get anything out of the Christmas market – they are up to their eyeballs in hats and scarves.

This was already reminding me of my youth in Zurich, when Swiss matrons would stop me on the street and sternly advise me to get more clothes on my little daughter!

Then, I saw a little boy riding on the axle of his little baby sibling’s stroller – Mother pushing the two of them through the snowy street – just the way my two daughters used to travel with me all over Zurich.

Ah! Memories!


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