Snow in the Mittelland! Bureaucrats in the rain.

Snow in the morning in Zofingen.

Wow! Guess what?

It is snowing!!!

Walking home from the concert (see a coming post for commentary on the concert) at the Stadtkirche (City Church) there was light rain – didn’t even need my umbrella. It had been raining all day and temperatures were mild.

City taxes support this church. But note, taxpayers get to say whether they want to pay these taxes. All gemeinden that I know of chose at some time in the past, like 400 years ago, whether to be Roman Catholic or Reform (non-Roman Catholic).

This morning I woke up, looked out the window and saw what looked like frost on roofs and meadows. But the longer I was up, the whiter it was getting. Then tiny snowflakes began to blow past my window. I checked the thermometer – a degree below freezing!

Don’t know how long this will last, but I consider it a reward for my activities yesterday. That was the day I met my immigration bureaucrat.

My friends had called her a few weeks ago and she had told us what to send – federal requirements to ensure that I won’t be a financial burden on the gemeinde or canton, that I have good connections to Switzerland – friends and relatives, and a life history narrative. Which I did.

They said she sounded very nice, but she had written a letter asking essentially for the same things again, but in more detail. That was daunting. Last week, I took a chance, called her office and asked for an appointment. She agreed readily!

So, yesterday was the day. Except for me, the Bureau of Immigration room was full of people with skin colors ranging from chestnut to ebony, languages unknown, except for one sweet, friendly lady who turned out to be from the Dominican Republic.

A side note here for all you Libertarians who remember the wonderful Andre Marrou,  elected Libertarian state (Alaska) legislator and LP presidential and vice-presidential candidate. Andre was in Oregon helping our local activists lobby the Oregon Legislature for a law easing ballot access requirements.

Without going into all the details, I’ll say that Marrou located the key legislator whose vote we needed. He got an appointment to see him and noticed that the legislator’s secretary happened to be his wife.

Marrou brought HER a big bouquet of flowers, explaining to us that we needed to make a favorable, friendly impresssion, but shouldn’t give the lawmaker anything. Hence – his wife!

So, yesterday, I bought a darling, little inexpensive pot of pansies, and gave them to my bureaucrat, telling her they were for her COLLEAGUES! I also brought a well-organized batch of the proofs she required.

She was young and still friendly and praised my dreadful German and Swiss German – all the Swiss do – amazed that a native English speaker would even bother.

We had a lovely conversation, but she told me the decision was up to the federal government in Bern.

I am NOT sending them flowers.


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