Fun in the hidden towns

Center of AltStadt Zofingen. The colored stones on the ground in front of the tree are the Zofingen Wappen, banner – two red stripes, two white ones.

It looks like snow off of the balcony here in Zofingen, but it can’t be. It’s 50 degrees F for crying out loud! And anyway, the sun is shining! The huge windows in this apartment give the inhabitants every drop of sun that shows up! Not much, we admit.

Good thing it didn’t start until today. Yesterday was warm and dry enough to wear just a heavy sweater over a couple of layers of cotton shirts. That’s much easier to deal with on trains and trams that my long, 1980s style raincoat.

After my visit to Basel, see previous post, which included buying blue candles and a six-pointed star for my Chanukkiya at the bazaars set up in plazas all over town, I headed out to my next appointment – a “Jodlerabend mit Theater.” Just what it sounds like, an evening of yodeling with theatre.

So much fun.  They might all have been from Basel, but were, in fact, from Rothrist, a neighboring town with a population of 8,143. The event was a fundraiser for the group called the Yodeler Double Quartet, with about 18 singers, including three women.

JodlerAbend in Rothrist – banner on the wall in back is the Rothrist Wappen. It’s getting so I can recognize the symbols for each town. The banners used to be carried into battle, which the Swiss loved (think rumble!) until Napoleon came along.

There was also a four-man band comprised of three Swiss hand organ players and one bass player. Also, three Alphorn players. Of course they were in traditional costumes – men with little black hats and women with lace and aprons over dark, flowered dresses.

To sing, the ladies folded their hands in front of their waists and the men all had their hands in their pockets. The only thing missing was the cowbells.

Here I learned another word: traesch. Supposedly a very hot coffee drink laced with schnappes and with a sugar cube at the bottom. However, mine appeared to have had its coffee added with an eye-dropper. A common saying about this drink is that “you can read a newspaper through it.” I didn’t get the joke until my glass arrived at my place. It looked like tea lightened with lemon.

I skipped the play after several very friendly acquaintances assured me it was unlikely I would understand any of it. Since they all asked me either my Muttersprache (mother tongue) or where I was from, they clearly noticed that my language skills were very poor. They loved it. Some wanted to practice their English.

Among other things that amazed me were that I saw so many familiar faces. People who reminded me of the Oregon Women for Agriculture, a man who looked an awful lot like Rich Pratt, of Gallery Players fame, and even Orville Bernards z’l.

The event itself reminded me of the Willamina 4th of July Pancake Feed, a McMinnville Kiwanis fundraiser and the OWA annual auction, except that there was live, un-micced entertainment.

Yodeler pressed into service – the place was packed to the walls. Everyone wanted dinner now! Even the yodelers had to be pressed into service.

Here they all are! The famous Rothrist Jodlerdoppelquartett


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