Weekend reading: Top military spenders worldwide

Here’s a chart that should interest us. Take a look – you might be amazed.

I tried to find the cute, attention-getting graphic that got MY attention as I was reading tthe Zofingen Tagblatt, but couldn’t. I’ll just have to set the scene for you: nine little green plastic toy soldiers in various states of soldierdom – pointing a machine gun, using binoculars, talking n a radio, firing an RPG, getting ready to toss a grenade…

Little green Army men

Behind each soldier is a flag – U.S. Frrench, Swiss, German…and ending with China. They are arranged from right to left in descending order of spending per person of population.

Got that picture? OK, Here we go…

($/person in thousands and total $ spending in billions)

US                   2,213           670.6B
France               890             58.2B
Switzerland      584                4.6B
Germany          532              43.5B
Italy                  525              31.9B
Belgium            467                 5.1B
Austria             393                 3.3B
Spain                302               14.0B
China                  96             129.3B

This is, of course, the Euro-centric view of military spending. I’m not sure what their point was, except that the illustration was part of the ongoing Swiss discussion of whether or how many Swedish Gryphon fighter jets they should buy. I saw one figure of Fr. 300 million, less than ten percent of the military budget as reported above.

Recall that after WW I, Germany was not allowed to spend anything on rearming.

One thought – if the legislators, nearly all well past military age, get all of their aggression released by spending tons of their citizens’ money on military stuff, maybe it’s not such a bad thing?


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