Never forget – part 1 Here is a site with some pix from the Peter and Paul parish

Here is information about a program I attended Sunday in Aarau:

On Sunday 11 Nov. 2012 from 5 pm until 6:30 pm, the parish of Peter and Paul in Aarau presented a program: “Remembrance: The Reich’s Pogrom Night and Shoah.” [I think their name ‘Pogrom Night’ refers to Kristallnacht, which several Jewish survivors referred to on a video that was shown]

The program began with klezmer music played very correctly and in an even tempo by a trio consisting of two clarinets and a saxophone.

The video about Paul Grueninger’s life included official testimony by Holocaust survivors about how he had saved their lives by letting them come into Switzerland. “Come in,” one testified said he had said to her family. “You are in a free country now!”

The soft-spoken speakers/organizers earnestly made a plea for refugees everywhere. They referenced “Righteous Muslims” in connection with the Holocaust as well, but I didn’t have time to read the booklet they had made available.

Apparently there is a bill in the Swiss national legislature calling for severely restricting the practice of allowing refugees to enter this country. One of the speakers smiled said, “I know there is opposition to the practice of speaking about politics in a church, but…” then asked the audience to oppose the bill.

A rabbi wearing a kipah then recited the Kaddish, first in Aramaic, its original language, then in German. Very moving. These presentations were interspersed with klezmer interludes. To close the event, one of the presenters read the 23rd Psalm, which he said had comforted many a Jewish prisoner.

He also told a Channukah story (the ‘ch’ pronounced as in Charles) about a memory of a survivor who related how his father had collected margarine to make Channukah candles.

His son asked, “Dad, we’re starving in this camp. Why are you using some of our precious food for a religious ceremony?” The father replied, “My son, food just keeps your body alive for a short time. With faith and hope, you never die.”

See next post for a description of Paul Grüninger and his life.


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