Sunday fun – adventures in the Mittelland

Now that it’s Sunday, I feel better. Lots to do and see today.

First to Aarburg to the Heimat Museum to see a special exhibit of the hundred-year anniversary of the Maillart Bridge construction and an art exhibit by Ely Meier, a great admirer of Robert Maillart, the engineer.

Ely Meier

Here is artist Ely Meier, with some of her impressions of civil engineer Robert Maillart (1872-1940) and his work. She calls him a “concrete virtuoso.”

Mrs. Meier was so impressed by Maillart’s work she printed up a complete biography for her exhibit. His mother was from Bern and his dad was a banker from Geneva, with Belgian forebears.

He and his firm designed and built dozens of bridges in Switzerland and also abroad.

Mrs. Meier took me upstairs to meet her husband, Michael, a Swiss electrical engineer! That was a great morning of engineers. They had lived in Pennsylvania for a few years, so we spoke in English. She is originally from Ecuador. They had assembled a looping slide show upstairs with 100-year-old pix of the construction process. Fascinating.

Maillart Bridge in Aarburg

Maillart Bridge in Aarburg

Maillart’s bridges were the essence of Swiss: practical, good value, long-lasting, simple, taking advantage of new, but tested, technology.

Then, it was on over to Aarau, capital of Kanton Aargau (do you get the impression that the Aare River is a big deal in this neck of the woods?), to see a program about Paul Grueninger, Police Captain in St. Gallen, who died in disgrace in 1972 after having saved thousands of Jews and other refugees by falsifying papers to allow them to come in or through Switzerland.

I’ll tell you more about this in my next posts.


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