Swiss use their natural resources for renewable energy

After a week of walking through forests, fields and small towns, it’s clear the Swiss know how to use their resources wisely.

Most forests are owned by communities and managed by professional foresters. Of course, they use the wood for building materials, but also for their wood-burning stoves at home. The forests are hundreds of years old, and the foresters are all up on the latest forest management technologies.

Water? Switzerland, the land of the Alps, has more plunging waterways than you could shake a stick at. They first put mill wheels on their rivers to run 18th century fabric factories, now put turbines in and make electricity.

You don’t see many solar panel or windmill farms. Maybe they are in the sunnier or windier parts of the country. Swiss are very practical. They want to do the right thing, but it has to make economic sense, too. What a concept.

They do have a Green Party, but it has lost support as the Greens are now seen at “typical politicians,” not a popular group in this country.

And now for the Speise part of this blog. Went with friends to a restaurant that specializes in chicken dishes – their own chickens! Owned and operated by Esther & Thomas Schäublin in the village of Oberbözberg, this is a popular place for parties and meetings.

As you will see in the link to the restaurant, the entire interior is chicken-themed. The proprietress served us herself, though there was also a jolly waitress from the village as well.

We had a delicious first of fall dish: chicken pieces in dark gravy, with sauteed red cabbage, baked apple with stewed cranberries, baked spiced pear, Brussels sprouts, gnocchi (little dumplings) and candied chestnuts. All tiny portions, but adding up to a big meal.

I couldn’t resist having a dessert, warm prune plums w/vanilla ice cream and a little pile of whipped cream. Yu-um!

But imagine my surprise and shock when I saw the carrier they use to bring the check. Was I startled! Here it is:


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One Response to Swiss use their natural resources for renewable energy

  1. Jan Jackson says:

    My favorite post to date – I think it was the description of their forest practices that did it for me – thanks – smile./jj

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