Ends of the tram lines

Over the weekend, I decided to ride to the end of the Red Metro subway line, hoping/expecting to find a little, traditional Czech village. Nope. The practical, hard-working Czechs have no intention of turning their country into a tourist-y Disneyland.

View from the Letnany Metro stop at the end of the line.

Here’s what I saw when I got to the surface, there we were in the middle of a field with quite modern-looking business and commercial buildings way off in the distance and a small airfield nearby. The area around the end of the line at Letnany was actually a huge transportation hub for buses, car parking lots and the subway. Off in the distance were the usual huge, gray apartment buildings. Only the interesting yellow and gray stone sidewalks give away that this is not a generic business center.

After much trial and error, I managed to find a town/village center with a darling Italian restaurant open for business. Bingo!

Closer to Letnany – Prague suburb

Here is what it looked like closer to town. Admittedly not particularly traditional, but still quite homelike, except for what looked like some kind of institution – prison, hospital, school, now doing service as a warehouse center for several businesses.  It was quite a hike, so I took a bus back to the Metro stop. The stairs at the top of this post were a pleasant surprise – red marble! You see these lovely little surprises everywhere. The sidewalks are all have clever designs, and the streets look pretty good, too.

The final tram I take to go to school is also at the end of a line. Not particularly inspiring either, but I gather it is quite a desireable living area. Still, 12-story block apartments all in the same pattern get tiresome after a while. New buildings are far more interesting.

For my end of the line stop, I’ve gotten some shots of the very generic trams shuffling around. Every tram is different – different ages, different colors, ads, decorations, styles – never a dull moment. Here they are below:

Tram turning around and going back to Prague

Another end of the line shot.

And finally Autumn is approaching!

Autumn colors appearing


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  1. Kathy George says:

    Jo I am so embarrassed but I cleaned out my in box and lost the recipe for that oatmeal dish, could you please resend it? Many thanks!! I am sure enjoying your blog! Ksthy

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